Monday, January 19, 2009

I like these. I think it's really interesting to find something so designed in a natural environment. I want to think about this and  I just want to start working and thinking already. I'm ready for a place that I can do this in, I don't need to be wasting anymore time being depressed doing work I dread and going to classes I get bad grades in because I only do enough work to get by. I can't stand this super worked feeling of doing these mindless tasks.

I think if I were to be in the situation where I had to produce work I would be confident enough to develop ideas it doesn't even matter if they're "good" or not. I don't care. I don't care if anyone thinks they're good or bad or stupid or underdeveloped because it's my own perception of xyz. I think people need to think about that too, time is wasted on other perceptions instead of your own when no one gives a shit about your work anyway they probably don't even care what its about they care about what they see.. and that final product sometimes doesn't even matter. Blah, I may never even get anywhere at this place and that makes me feel like I'm not moving forward only staying still.  Please let me find my place.

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