Monday, October 19, 2009

theres something starting dont know why

I've been feeling really emotional lately, I'm living in my head in my unclear cloudy head all i hear are my thoughts. Some new work has come out, I can't seem to concentrate on things I need to absorb. When i get home i just want to sleep until the sun comes up and I can feel ready to try again. 

I get really hyper when i see people but i dont want to talk to them at the same time, I dont know what it is. Or i speak to people very animated but its not because I want to speak to THAT person but because I needed some kind of contact. Nothing is particular with anyone here. 

I miss being in a relationship, I miss new york coffee, new york mornings. It's like the time of year for letting go. Of all of it. My life in new york my friends my everything hhytyh5e6hertgfdaeghtbhrehhhhhhh hyheyh6hw44wthjklop

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