Friday, August 7, 2009

i betur run

I've felt so much too quickly. I'm sorry blogger I don't have new work to show. (edit: I've been going to a stupid club only to get harassed for being sensitive) I also don't have a scanner to scan the new research I've done. I do, however, have new interests. I better leave Miami before this weird urge gets to me and I forget what it is I've always really wanted.  Remember remember remember! Moving to Boston Sunday morning, bye Miami. I wish everyone here a good rest of summer and good luck on everyones fall endeavors, peace dudes.

piece from 2008 an exploration in senior year of high school I did exploring nature within nature.
Asexual and sexual plant reproduction ( new interest 2009) 

- andrea

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  1. i got thous of notes on this stuff, i copied everything off the board and aced the test and still cant splain it to you. thats how much i learned