Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ive been living in a k-hole

once again I feel completely alone. Like everyone has this big life with all these plans. I don't know where or who I'm going to live with in New York or Boston, I dont even know where Im going. David has his own life and it dosent involve me so I should just stop planning around him. My friends don't really care, I'll probabyl end up living alone and being in the same fucking boat.
Im really sick of being so nice to everyone and always listening to them when they need me, I'm not going to anymore fuck you when I need you most, this is bullshit.


  1. girl, what?? aren't we going to live together? i don't think juan is going to be an issue anymore. he's such a fucking douche, even if he ends up not having the amount of *precious* punk kids he needs, i don't want to be part of the house anymore, especially due to that fucking douche. :( i care, you know that! i just needed to come back to my dorm because i needed stuff and i don't want to go back and forth. besides i would just be pissed all night over what happened. :[ ill sleep over next time if you will still have me mami we can get delicious food from trader joes and watch movies?

  2. you should all just give that shit up and live the good life in brazil.

    (sarcasm).....joo know

    save me a bed, please. you know i lvoe you