Monday, February 9, 2009

bad brains helps

Life is fucking weird. So I don't get what I've wanted and have been waiting for, what now? Do I leave, I dont know. I just ask my parents to help me decide but they insist I'll know when my mind is clear.

I don't know, I never realized trying to just do art would stress me out so much. I just want what i want its not so much.

Sometimes I think though, about how people judge you based on the school you go, the truth is I care, and thats too bad.

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  1. that judgemental art school shit made me feel bad since my art teacher didn't like ringling and said not to go. i'm sure a lot of peers looked down on it. i'm actually enjoying myself and learning a lot which is the point. i'm jealous of big city folks, but i know i'll be out there eventually, and no one will give a crap in a few years. feel bettahh